Storytelling that impact shareholder value, technological shifts and social change


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Our 2020 focus

We deploy researchers and editors on 3-year focus stints. Here’s 2018-2020

Future of work

The next industrial revolution will bring fundamental industrial, societal and governmental change. We investigate challenges and opportunities facing the global job market. For clients and audiences to adapt and benefit. Subtopics include artificial intelligence, automation, continuous learning and virtual worlds

Innovators in Focus

Entrepreneurs and innovators lead us forward. We’re dedicated to create content formats that help highlight these journeys and fuel interest, investment and revenue. Subtopics include global markets, Venture Capital, innovation in China, Deep Tech and how physical environments fuel digital innovation

Science of Storytelling

In an age of enclosed digital filter bubbles we’ve embarked on a project to better understand the science of storytelling. Projects include broadcasting the life stories of 90-year-olds to 19-year-olds and an attempt for a talk show with war correspondents